How To Get Perfect Pop Vocals

The perfect pop vocal chain doesn’t exi…… think again.

Ok, so it obviously must exist otherwise there wouldn’t be the infatuation with attaining that amazing crisp vocal full of clarity whilst being buttery smooth.

But what you must remember is there are a number of ways to achieve the same effect. In this video I discuss ONE of my personal vocal chains to achieve that crisp and clear vocal like Post Malone, Blackbear, Justing Bieber, Juice WRLD etc…

The plugins I used for this track were:

  • Melodyne & Auto-Tune (Vocal Tuning)

  • Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack (Saturation, EQ, Compression, Saturation, Harmonic Exciter, Compression

  • Eiosis E2Deesser - (De-esser)

  • Neutron 3 (EQ, Multi-Band Compression)

  • Kramer Tape (Saturation)

  • Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack (Compression, EQ)

  • Fresh Air (High Harmonic Exciter)

  • DeEsser (Waves plugin)

  • Little Alter Boy (Lo Formant and drive)

  • Sausage Fattener (Limiter)

You could probably achieve a similar sound in fewer plugins, but I really liked the depth and character each of these added. And the one most IMPORTANT thing I would say about using plugins on vocals, stack the subtleties. Each plugin I’m using is doing a VERY small amount of processing, hence why I can add so many without it being overkill. I explain more in the vid, hope you enjoy!

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